Behind the name TIDELESS there is a heart project.

Frustrated by the fast fashion industry and overconsumption, we want
- Flo & Tom - sustainable and lcreate durable products and thus our personal contribution to resource-saving and responsible usewith nature and make a statement at the same time.
The idea arose from the love for the sea and nature and has been a friendship for over 20 years. Even as children, we loved to be out and about in the open air. This hasn't changed over the years.

Together we discovered surfing for ourselves and the passion became to a mission.
Above all, among surfers, it is self-image to take care of our oceans to worries.

It's no secret that unfortunately things in the world aren't going quite as smoothly as we all imagine. Nevertheless, each individual can do their part to reduce pollution in the sea in the long term.

As producers of surf gear and balance boards , it is therefore particularly important to us to take care of nature and our ecological footprint as low as possible.
Plastic-free shipping, fair production, particularly durable and certified textiles made from organic cotton and/or recycled materials, are -in our opinion- a Step in the right direction.