We at TIDELESS are aware of our responsibility as a textile company. Water is not only part of our DNA, but also covers almost two thirds of the earth's surface. It is the most important resource for life.

Our goal is therefore to make many people aware of the value of this natural resource and to make our contribution to protecting the environment.

honumovement_indonesienBecause it's actually quite simple - Plastic doesn't belong in the sea.

For this reason we - together with our partners "Plastic Free Planet" - fish plastic out of our seas for every product you buy.

Balance Board - 20kg
Hoodie/ Sweater - 2kg
T-Shirt - 1kg

With your help we have already been able to make a huge contribution, cleaning up our oceans and giving animals their habitat back a bit.

If you want to learn more about our partners, click here.

Sustainability begins even before this - with the choice of materials and production.

For the clothes themselves, we prefer öecological or recycled materials that protect your skin and the environment. That's why we work together with selected manufacturers and suppliers, which have the strictest eco-certificates and seals on the market.

Unfortunately, the textile industry is characterized by unsold products ending up in the trash - we cannot and do not want to accept that.

For this reason, we have decided to produce using the "on demand" process - this means that each item is only made to order for you. This makes it possible to reduce rejects and avoid high storage costs.

In order to prevent even more plastic and packaging waste from finding its way into nature, we send our clothes and boards plastic-free & climate-neutral to your home!